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Batsey and Pixie

My details










Domestic S.H (short hair)



Living with other animals:

Would like to be rehomed with friend Pixie and no other cats, We cannot live with a dog

Family Situation:

We would like to live with older children plus (8 years +)

Experience required:

We are suited to a first time owner


We are shy and need time and patience to settle in

Home environment:

We have never been outside but would like too! We need a quiet road

More about me

Get to know me…

Pixie and Batsey came into the centre due a change in circumstances for their previous owner.

When first at the centre, Pixie and Batsey were quite worried and fearful of their new environment which caused them to hide away to make themselves feel better. After being given the space and time that they needed, both girls have really started showing their true affectionate and sweet characters.

Both girls will need time and patience when settling in and if given both these things, it won’t take them long to fit in with your family and love you company and attention!

Pixie an Batsey would like to be rehomed together with no other animals. Pixie and Batsey have only ever been used to living indoors so would appreciate somewhere with a quiet road to safely get used to being outside.

Can this lovely little pair be your new family members?

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