My details




Dark Tortie






Domestic S.H (short hair)



Living with other animals:

I need to be the only pet

Family Situation:

I could live with older children (8 years +)

Experience required:

Some experience with medical conditions would be beneficial


I love long snoozes on the sofa

Home environment:

I would like access to indoors and outdoors

More about me

Get to know me…

Elsa came into the centre as her previous owners sadly passed away.

Elsa didn’t enjoy the cattery life and was struggling to show us her true character so she was whisked away to a loving a foster home!

Since she has been in her foster home, she really does have her paws under the table with her temporary parents doating on her every move. Elsa loves being around her human companions and can often usually be found in the living room watching tele right by her humans side – that way she can get all the fuss she can.

Unfortunately, with age, Elsa has developed some ailments which need on going treatment. Elsa has hyperthyroidism, arthritis, high blood pressure and kidney disease. All these problems are being managed with medication and diet which can be obtained from the centre with help with funding from the branch.

Despite the problems above, Elsa is enjoying her life and deserves that permanent retirement home that she can call her own so please contact the centre if you have any questions regarding adopting Queen Elsa!

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