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Domestic S.H (short hair)



Living with other animals:

I cannot live with a dog, I cannot live with a cat

Family Situation:

I would be best suited with older children plus (8 years +)

Experience required:

I would benefit from an experienced owner


I can be shy but also affectionate

Home environment:

I need access to indoors and outdoors

More about me

Get to know me…

Margot has been returned to the centre after not quite settling into her new home.

Margot is a super affectionate and loving girl who enjoys company from her human companions. Her favourite past times consist of spending time with her people and curling up in a nice soft bed and having a lovely cat nap.

Unfortunately, Margot suffers from FIC (Feline Idiopathic Cystitis) so requires a special urinary diet to help with her bladder functions. Because of this specific diet, the branch will be able to help towards funding for this food. Since being on this diet Margot’s cystitis seems to have improved and is showing no signs of symptoms.

Because of Margot’s FIC, she is looking for a calm and quiet home where she can live as stress free as possible.

Do you have the right environment for this lovely lady?

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