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White And Black









Living with other animals:

I would prefer to be the only animal in the home

Family Situation:

I need an adult only home

Experience required:

Experienced home essential


I am active and need access to lots of enrichment

Home environment:

I need a fully fenced garden of at least 6ft

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Aubrey came into our care after being removed from a property via one of our inspectors with his sister. He hasnt had the best start in life, so can be very worried by lots of new things, including new people, traffic and sounds.

Aubreys future family will need to come to the centre regularly to spend time with him, so that he can build a relationship and learn to trust them before being taken home. Adopters will also need to continue his positive training and socialising once in the home, with the support of our behaviour team.

He loves spending time with his carers, getting lots of affection and playing with his favourite toys, whilst zooming around the enclosed field. He’s got lots of energy and love to give the right home who can build his confidence in the world at his pace. His ideal home would be in a rural area with few visitors and access to walks away from busy traffic and lots of people.
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