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Brindle White






Bull Lurcher



Living with other animals:

I may be able to live with another dog, I cannot live with cats, I cannot live with small animals

Family Situation:

I may be able to live with children

Experience required:

Experienced home beneficial


I am energetic and would benefit from an active family

Home environment:

I need a fully fenced garden of at least 6ft

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Get to know me…

Delightful Dawn has spent over a year of her life in rescue whilst RSPCA have been fighting in court to rehome her from her previous owners.
She is a beautiful girl, who loves being in the company of people and making helicopter circles with her tail whenever she greets her favourite people! She loves affection, giving you her paw and resting her head on your lap.

Due to her breed traits and past working history, she naturally has a very high prey drive. For this reason she will need to be kept on lead at all times on walks and muzzled to protect wildlife and other small animals she may see out. She can be very strong when she see’s wildlife when out on a walk, so will need owners who can safely handle her.
Dawn is looking for an active home, with people who are used to high energy breeds so that she is kept mentally and physically stimulated.

Dawn will need teaching that its ok to be left alone for short periods of time once she’s settled in the home, but would prefer having someone at home most of the time. After being in kennels for such a long time she deserves all the attention she can get.
She loves to play football and other games, as well as zooming around our large enclosed field. If you have the time and love to open up your home to a dog in need then please consider our Dawn.

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