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Jammie & Dodger

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I need to be rehomed with my friend

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I need to be rehomed with my friend

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I need large and secure accommodation, I can live indoor or outdoor

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Both Jammie and Dodger came into our care after being found straying. Jammie is inquisitive, full of fun and loves to play during his free roam time and this will need to be continued in his new home.

Dodger matches Jammies hyperactive personality and can get over excited and play nip at times, although they are both friendly and easy to handle boys.

We’re looking for a home where Jammie and Dodger can get all the love they deserve, whether you’ve had Ferrets before or are a first time Ferret owner.

We are continuing their socialisation which they appeared to have lacked previously and they have already improved since arriving at the centre, Jammie and Dodger will happily sit on our lap and enjoy their favourite Malt Paste snacks and a little stroke.

Jammie and Dodger were re-bonded when they arrived with us, and they can get a little bit OTT with excitement. They will need a large secure enclosure indoor, or outdoor, when they can play till their hearts content, and then snooze away the day wrapped in comfy blankets.

As their bond is still forming, Jammie and Dodger would like to stay as a pair initially.
Could you have the perfect home for this scrummy boys?

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