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Porthos & Athos

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GP2458-Guinea pig

Living with other animals:

We would like to either remain as a trio, or we can live with a heard of 6 + female Guinea pigs

Family Situation:

We can live with any age children

Experience required:

We are suited to a first time owner


We can be nervous and need time to get to know you

Home environment:

We need a large secure accommodation

More about me

Get to know me…

These handsome boys came into our care from another branch. Since being with us these boys have started to come out of their shells and have been showing us their lovely little personalities and will greet us with their enthusiastic wheeks when it’s time for their favourite vegetables.

These boys will need a patient owner who can continue their positive socialising and give them the time and space they need.

We’re looking for a home where the boys can stay as a pair but have plenty of space to ensure squabbling is kept to a minimum. We would potentially consider a large herd of females to bond them with but ideally would like to keep them in the duo they are used to.

If you can offer these lovely piggies a large and secure accommodation as well as all the love they deserve. Please get in touch!

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