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Ron & Girls

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Very Small





Living with other animals:

We need to be rehomed together, with no other mice

Family Situation:

We need to live with children aged 8+

Experience required:

Suited to first time owner


We are energetic and would benefit from an enclosure full of enrichment

Home environment:

We need a large and spacious tank, that has enough depth for deep substrate for essential burrowing

More about me

Get to know me…

Ron, Molly and Minerva are a recently bonded group of fancy mice.
They are still getting used to the new dynamic but enjoy exploring their busy and enriched enclosure, and searching for scattered food.

Ron and the girls will need a large enclosure that is deep enough to include at least 6inches of substrate for all important burrowing. Their accommodation should be filled with lots of enrichment to keep them busy overnight.

You’ll usually find them running in their wheel, or climbing through their cork logs!

Being nocturnal, the new owner of these mice would need to understand that they are very small, and can be scared being handled especially during the day when they are meant to be asleep. They make wonderful pets for people who allow them to do their own thing but enjoy watching them explore their home.

Can you give these lovely 4 mice their forever home?
Please note: Ron is neutered.

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