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Very Small





Living with other animals:

I need to be rehomed with a group of female only mice

Family Situation:

I need to live with children aged 8+

Experience required:

I am suited to a first-time owner


I am energetic and would benefit from an enclosure full of enrichment

Home environment:

I need a large and spacious tank, that has enough depth for deep substrate for essential burrowing. I am looking for female fancy mice friends.

More about me

Get to know me…

This handsome little chap came into our care after being transferred by one of our inspectors with a large group of mice that needed to be separated into same sex groups.
Sadly, Ron started fighting with his brother Draco so have now had to be separated for their own safety.

Nothing makes this boy happier than scurrying around his enclosure, climbing all over his toys, eating some tasty treats and running on the wheel.

Once he is all tired out, he enjoys cuddling up in his little pirate barrel for a good snooze. He can be a little shy at first, but since being at the centre he has gained confidence.

We are hoping to find a home that can provide a large and enriching accommodation with the ability to add deep substrate so that Ron can burrow just like he would in the wild. He is also looking for a home with other mice that could keep him company.

Can you give this boy his forever home?
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