Can you help Chilli the pug get the surgery she needs?

Can you help Chilli the pug get the surgery she needs?

Date: 06.02.24

Chilli the pug came to us through no fault of her own.

She is a very sweet and excitable little girl, who is so full of beans. She enjoys being in the company of her favourite people and loves a quick game of fetch with her favourite stuffed toys.

Chilli will need an operation once she is settled in her new home for bilateral luxating patella, and potential BOAS surgery. Currently these conditions mean Chilli is unable to walk for long and she struggles with her breathing, which can be distressing for her and her new owners.

If you are able to donate any amount to help us cover the costs of the veterinary bill which will be at least £3,000*, we would be very grateful. You can donate via Just Giving here.

Having this operation will means that Chilli will be able to begin to live a life free of health issues, with a wonderful new family – something she thoroughly deserves.

Thank you

*Any money raised in excess of what is needed will be used to cover other veterinary treatment that the animals in our care require.