My details




Black and White






Domestic Semi Long Hair



Living with other animals:

I cannot live with a dog, I cannot live with a cat

Family Situation:

I would be best suited with older children plus (8 years +)

Experience required:

I would be suited to a first time owner


I am affectionate and needy!

Home environment:

I would like access to indoors and outdoors

More about me

Get to know me…

Bramble came into our care after being found as a stray.

This senior lad loves attention and company from his human companions and will bat your leg for a fuss if he is ignored! Bramble has so much quirky character to him and would make a great companion in someone’s home.

Bramble came into the centre with an old injury to his eye which does not cause him any suffering but will be affecting his eye site – we do also believe he may also be a little hard of hearing but again this does not stop him from being happy!
Unfortunately, Bramble does have arthritis so is on medication which he eats in his food with no problems – because of this he does hold his feet a little different to other cats so would benefit from a home which is mainly carpeted. He also suffers from a sensitive stomach so is on a diet which is friendly for him. The branch will help towards the cost of this medication and food.

Do you have the best retirement home for this wonderful buddy?

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