My details




Black and White






Domestic S.H (short hair)



Living with other animals:

I cannot live with a dog, I could possibly live with another cat (situation dependant)

Family Situation:

I could live with teenagers (13 years +)

Experience required:

I need an experienced owner


I don't like being touched but I do love routine and being cared for

Home environment:

I would be best suited to a rural setting with access to a house

More about me

Get to know me…

Pinky came into our care via the national RSPCA from a multi cat household.

Pinky didn’t have the best of starts as a domestic cat and likes to consider himself a semi-feral cat. Since being in our care, Pinky has shown little interest in being physically fussed by us but does seem to not mind being in our presence – especially when treats are involved!

Pinkys ideal home would be someone who lives on a small holding where he has lots of space to roam around in but also get the comforts of a domestic cat when it comes to reliable shelter, feeding and care.

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