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Domestic S.H (short hair)



Living with other animals:

I could possibly live with a dog that is used to cats. I cannot live with another cat

Family Situation:

I would be best suited to a home with teenagers plus (13 years+)

Experience required:

I need an experienced owner


I do not like being touched but I do enjoy your company

Home environment:

I would like access to the indoors and outdoors

More about me

Get to know me…

Tundra came into our care via an inspector.

Poor Tundra has not had the best starts in life. She is very under socialised so isn’t completely comfortable with all the normal things that a domestic cat would like!

After not coping in the cattery, Tundra has been living in her new foster home where people are learning a lot more about her character. Tundra loves the luxuries that come with a domestic life such as warm places to curl up, regular feeding, toys and security. However, she doesn’t like physical contact from her human companions. Tundra is quite happy to sit next to people and watch the day go by with you but that’s as far as she wants the contact to go!

Since being in her foster home, Tundra has taken a liking to their resident dog so if introduced properly she could live with another. Because of her temperament we also feel she would be better with teenagers plus.

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