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Living with other animals:

I am looking for a suitably matched friend, or to have human company most of the time

Family Situation:

I need to live with children aged 8+

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Experienced home beneficial


I enjoy being hand fed, but can be shy

Home environment:

I need large and secure accommodation and cannot be an indoor Rabbit

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Koda came into our care after being found as a stray. Koda can be very shy and so continued socialisation and positive reinforcement training with treats is required to help her become a more confident and content bunny, we’ve seen her progress lots since being in our care and she now enjoys being around us.

Koda gets stressed when taken away from familiar surroundings and becomes quite shut down. This has made bonding her with another Rabbit very difficult and she has had a few failed bonds due to her behaviour.

Koda finds bonding very stressful and therefore we are considering rehoming her as a lone Rabbit, where she can settle into her new surroundings in her own time and eventually bond with a neutered male. Rabbits are companion animals and should always live with a suitably matched Rabbit, they can become depressed when on their own.

Our priority has been to bond Koda on site but this has not worked and therefore finding her a forever home is our next step.

Koda becomes a happy, content and active Rabbit when she is in her own accommodation away from the sight of other Rabbits.

Koda has gained some weight since being with us which is being carefully managed to ensure it reduces, and this will need to continue in her new home to ensure she achieves her ideal weight.

Please speak to a member of the team to find out more.

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