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Mini Rex



Living with other animals:

I am looking for a suitably matched friend whop has snuffles, or an indoor home with company from people most of the day

Family Situation:

I can live with any age children

Experience required:

Experienced home beneficial


I enjoy the company of people

Home environment:

I need large and secure accommodation and can live as an indoor or outdoor Rabbit

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Pretty Poppy come into our care via one of our inspectors. Poppy is a super loving gentle rabbit, and enjoys human companionship where she will lay next to you while munching on her favourite treats.

This gorgeous girl is litter trained and one of the cleanest rabbits you’ll ever meet. Unfortunately, Poppy has been in our care now for over 800 days, during this time she sadly lost her sister and has been a lone Rabbit ever since.

Poppy has got snuffles which is usually caused by chronic infection, it can cause a runny nose, eyes and sneezing. Poppy no longer shows these signs unless put in stressful situations like vet visits, which she can then spend the next few days sneezing, but seems to make a quick recovery with no other health concerns.

Poppy has been on the search for a neutered male to bond with but we’ve found this difficult as she can only be with another Rabbit with snuffles. After having no such luck and knowing were looking for a needle in a hay stack, we have decided to find the perfect indoor home with no other pets, where she can get as much companionship from people as possible.

We know how important same species companionship is for Rabbits, but we’d hate to see Poppy in rescue for the rest of her life so this is the next best thing.

Poppy has really stolen all our hearts at the centre. Could you be the answer in fixing her broken heart and giving her a special forever home?

Please speak to a member of the team to find out more.

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