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Black And Tan






Cross Breed



Living with other animals:

I may be able to live with a dog, I cannot live with another cat, I cannot live with small animals

Family Situation:

I may be able to live with teenagers

Experience required:

Experienced home beneficial


I am active and need access to lots of enrichment

Home environment:

I need a fully fenced garden of at least 6ft

More about me

Get to know me…

Beautiful MJ came into our care after her previous could no longer care for her.

She came into our care dirty and underweight, she has put on a few kilos since being in our care and is now at a much healthier weight. She loves being in the company of people she knows, going for nice long walks and playing with her favourite toys. She is such a clever girl, and loves learning new things, her tail doesn’t stop wagging when doing training with her favourite humans.

MJ will need some help around a few things by using positive, reward based training. She can be easily startled in certain situations, so will need owners who are willing to work with her on this. She can be worried being left alone so will need someone with her most of the time, who can help teach her that being alone for short periods isn’t so scary after all.
MJ may be able to live with a suitably matched dog in the home depending on introductions, and may be able to live with children aged 13 years and over.

Do you have an MJ shaped hole in your life? If so please get in contact with our team to find out more.

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