Why partner with us?

  • Local impact: When you work with us, you’re directly supporting animals across Suffolk. Your contributions will make a real difference in the lives of pets that need our care and protection.
  • Strong community connections: We are deeply rooted in the local community, and our partnerships reflect that. Having your business support us allows to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses who share your passion for animal welfare.
  • Tailored collaborations: We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we work closely with our corporate supporters to tailor partnerships that align with your corporate objectives and values, providing lasting benefit for us both.

Ways to support us

  • Charity of the Year: Does your company select one charity to support for the year? By making us your charity corporate partner you not only align yourselves with a respected and trusted brand that directly supports animal welfare across Suffolk, we can also work together to plan activities that will engage your staff and customers.
  • Financial support: Company charitable donations help us provide vital services such as veterinary care, rehabilitation, and rehoming. Whether you prefer to offer a one-time donation, employee donation matching, prize donations or gifts in kind we’d love to talk to you about the best option for you.
  • Sponsorship and events: You could partner with us on our fundraising events, campaigns, or specific projects through sponsorship or partnership packages. Your brand can gain valuable exposure while helping to make a significant impact on animal welfare.
  • Corporate collections: Could you display one of our collection boxes for unwanted goods at your office/school/organisation? We can arrange collections as required and provide supporting promotional materials.

Benefits to you

  • Empowering your team: Supporting a common cause is a great way to bring your employees together and engage with your local community.
  • Employee engagement: Encourage your employees to get involved through fundraising activities, volunteering, payroll giving or even adopting pets. We can provide ideas, support and materials to help your fundraising efforts!
  • Meeting CSR targets: Supporting causes that help you meet internal commitments about community engagement, social impact and corporate responsibility.
  • Cause marketing: Collaborate with us on cause marketing campaigns that resonate with your customer base. Show your commitment to animal welfare and inspire others to get involved.

Hear from our partners

The team at enable.services chose us as their charity of the year for 2024. Passionate about animals they have provided their time and skills as well as fundraising support and we absolutely love working with them!

Contact us

To discuss potential corporate charity partnerships and explore how your business can get involved, please get in touch with our Corporate & Community Fundraiser. Thank you for considering supporting RSPCA Suffolk Central!

How else can I get involved?

There are plenty of other ways to support the branch, from making a donation, to volunteering your time, participating in a fundraiser or rehoming a rescued animal. Find your way to get involved today