Providing the right environment

At RSPCA Suffolk Central we take animal behaviour and training seriously. We know that with the right enrichment in their environment, the appropriate training, and the correct communication (from body language to words), we can help animals thrive in our care. And you can too!

Here are some tips to help keep your animals happy in mind as well as body.


  • Fill a Kong with a suitable treat e.g. dog friendly peanut butter, then freeze it! A tasty treat that works their mind as well as their tongue!
  • Scatter treats over different textures and let them use their incredible noses to hunt them out. Using their best sense, scent, to get their brains working.
  • Make a snuffle mat. Hold back a portion of their daily feed to sprinkle in as an activity during the day. Rolled up towels with food hidden inside works great too!


  • Use cardboard boxes with peepholes to make extra dens and places to hide.
  • Drape a blanket or towel over an area to create a secret hiding place.
  • Play with your cat using wand toys – try wiggling, dangling, and hiding the toy under textures to see what your cat most enjoys.

Small animals

  • Fill cardboard tubes (like the inside of a toilet roll) or small cardboard boxes with paper, hay and treats for them to rummage through and nibble on
  • Ferrets love a hammock – they enjoy jumping in and out as much as lounging about in them!
  •  Create deep beds and opportunities for digging – especially for animals like mice who love to burrow.

Top tips


Use safe materials suitable for the animal


Change enrichment regularly (every few days) – animals get bored quickly!


Always supervise animals with toys

Enriching their lives

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