Our rehoming process



Apply to rehome an animal by completing our online application form.



We’ll arrange a home visit to check the needs of the animal will be met and invite you to the animal centre to meet your new friend.



Once you’ve found your perfect match, will help you prepare to take them home and will be in touch to check your new pet is settling in well.


Rehoming FAQs

Why are your rehoming criteria so thorough?

We aim to give rescued animals the best possible home based on their needs. Our rehoming criteria reflects the needs of that particular species and ensures they will be happy both physically and mentally in their new home.

What happens if I am unsuccessful in my rehoming application?

Not every home is a perfect match. Sometimes there is a more suitable match available, or it may be that there are elements of your home environment that don’t meet our criteria. We will do our best to share any feedback with you on how you can improve your rehoming chances next time.

What happens if things change and I can no longer care for my rescued pet?

Once you rehome an animal, you are their legal owner. If your circumstances change talk to us to see if we can help by taking your pet back into our care and finding them a new home.

I already own another pet, can I still rehome from you?

We will ask you about your existing pets when you apply, and will assess each situation based on the animals’ needs. Depending on the animal you are seeking to rehome, you may be invited to visit with your pet (e.g. for a dog meet and greet, or rabbit bond) to see how they get along.

I’m a first-time pet owner, can I still apply to rehome?

If you are a first-time pet owner, think carefully about which type of animal may suit you best. We welcome first time owners for animals suited to more inexperienced rehomers.